Photo Booth Guy

Hey. I'm Matt McCoy


After 8+ years as a pre-school and wedding photographer, I saw my first photo booth at a convention in Dallas, TX. I was sold! That week I called all my wedding clients in Richmond, VA and pitch the idea of the photo booth; they loved it! The begining of my photo booth rental venture was underway!  

5 years later...

The photo booth dream has never been bigger. Being the owner of Groupbooth Photo Booth Rental brings so much joy, while at a wedding or a corporate event. This outlet offers so much, from problem solving, creative design,  and networking is more fulfilling than I have ever thought possible. I am thankfull for all the support Richmond has given me ove the years.  

The Future

TBD but most likely more amazing photo booths at weddings, and corporate events in the richmond area.